Love the Planet

Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day draws attention to the importance of protecting and taking care of the place we call home. Discover the climate fiction genre, learn savvy secondhand shopping tips, or start a garden with our librarian-curated blogs and reading lists for children, teens and adults.

Children’s Recommendations

Earth Day: Lend a Hand to Save the Land – People of all ages can pitch in to help keep the planet a clean and happy place to live. Here are a few easy ideas you can try right away.

Explore Outdoors – Use these titles to renew your relationship with nature through shared backyard exploration, camping, crafts and experiments, or even just stories about the importance of the natural world.

Flutter By, Butterfly – Butterflies are vital to our ecosystem. Learn all about nature's pollinators and ways we can help our fluttery friends flourish and thrive.

From Zinnias to Tomatoes – Check out some garden stories and learn the gardening basics from these colorful reads.

Read a Book, Save the World – These eco-fiction titles for kids show what has happened, or what could happen, if we don't clean up our act and protect our planet.

Seriously, Go Outside – Spending time outdoors is beneficial for everyone. Check out these resources to get outside and active with your family this spring.

STEAM: Create a Self-Watering Seed Starter – Celebrate the Earth and get ready to garden this spring. Follow our instructions and you'll have a self-watering seed starter for your favorite veggie in no time.

Teen Recommendations

Must Love Animals: E-books and E-audiobooks for Teens – Bask in appreciation for the creatures in our world. The strength of the animal kingdom shines through these stories, whether fiction or nonfiction, realistic or fantastic.

Thriftin’ Ain’t Easy: Get More Bang for Your Buck – Looking for a wardrobe refresh? Save money and find unique pieces at the thrift store. This guide will make you a savvy secondhand shopper.

Trash is Trashy: How to Reduce Your Waste – Environmentalism is hot right now. Reduce your waste while staying on top of current trends with these hip tips.

Turn Your Brown Thumb Green with Succulents – Succulent plants are hardy and generally easy to care for. Go green and follow our tips to start adding color and joy to your life with succulents.

Adult Recommendations

All Around Canton: Take a Hike – There are many hiking trails in southeast Michigan, as well as nature preserves that allow hiking. Let’s take a look at popular ones near Canton.

Celebrate Earth Day with E-audiobooks – Demonstrate your support for environmental protection by listening to these earth-friendly nonfiction e-audiobooks.

Climate Change Fiction – The "Cli-Fi" genre focuses on stories that discuss the impact of climate change. Discover a new perspective with one of these picks.

Dig It: Gardening Tips for Parents – Whether you have several acres or a small balcony, there are plenty of ways to connect with your kids while tending to plants.

Find Your Inner Peas: Vegetarian Cookbooks – Whether you grow or buy your veggies, these cookbooks will help you turn those gifts from the earth into yummy dishes.          

Get Ready to Garden – Get help gardening, from learning the basics to advanced strategies, with these resources and books.

Jump Start Your Garden for Earth Day – Whether you are revisiting knowledge as an experienced gardener or new to planting, these tips will give you a head start this spring.

Library Like a Modern Homesteader – Love to grow things, DIY and craft? Get in touch with your earthier self at the library—we’ve got all the tools and resources to help you achieve your homesteading goals.

Library Like There’s No Tomorrow – When you're feeling down about humanity’s current and future environmental challenges, we’re here to support you. Use our tips and resources to help you navigate this brave new world.

No Planet B: Celebrating Earth Day – Earth Day reminds us that if we don’t shape up, there is No Planet B option. Learn about what you can do to help the planet and find local Earth Day events to attend this April.

Organic, Eco-Friendly Gardening Picks – I beg your garden? Whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener, these titles will help you create an organic, eco-friendly beautiful garden in no time.

Sashiko, Visible Mending and Upcycling – The best, most eco-friendly clothing is the clothing you already have or those that are at the recycle shop, waiting to be upcycled. Fix up your clothing with visible mending and sashiko, a Japanese technique of adding striking embroidery to mend and strengthen fabrics.          

Spotlight on Bees in the D – The mission of Bees in the D is to educate the public on the conservation of pollinators. Learn more about this sweet nonprofit here.

Spotlight on Growing Hope – Growing Hope is an Ypsilanti-based nonprofit that focuses on supporting local food systems. We spoke with them to find out more about their organization and mission.

Spotlight on The Friends of the Rouge – The Friends of the Rouge have made an impact on the entire Rouge watershed. Read on to find out more about this important organization.

Spread Your Wings: Local Destinations to Explore Natural Beauty – Explore the natural world with a fun family trip to a local butterfly house, garden or zoo. Here are some destinations to get you started.

Trash to Treasure: Where to Donate Your Stuff – Have the desire to spring clean, recycle, and donate your items? Read on for some excellent tips and timely information.

Vegan Lifestyle – Whether you're a seasoned vegan, a curious omnivore, or just want to include some Meatless Mondays into your meal planning, check out these delicious titles.

Vegetarianism 101 – If you're curious about switching to a vegetarian diet, these books will help you get started any time of the year.

What's the Buzz? All About Pollinators – Earth Day acknowledges the need to help protect and raise awareness of the valuable role pollinators play in our delicate ecosystem. Check out this list to learn more about these vital insects, birds and mammals.