Jump Start Your Garden for Earth Day

One of the many joys of springtime is the chance to cultivate your very own garden. Gardens can be made of culinary vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers. Whether you are revisiting the knowledge as an experienced gardener or are new to planting, these tips will give you a head start. 

  • Tidying up after the long winter will give your new plants a friendly place to thrive. Remove weeds and dead plants that won’t be coming back, and trim any trees and bushes if needed. Remember when removing plants to pull up from the roots.
  • Spend some time preparing what you’re hoping to grow and deciding where to grow it. The amount of sunlight makes a huge difference to plants, so be sure you are taking that into consideration when deciding the location of your garden. Need suggestions for plants that thrive in the shade or sun? Check out these recommendations.
  • Having a healthy soil environment is key to a productive garden. Here are some tips for soil preparation. Wondering if your soil is healthy? Try these DIY soil tests or order one.  
  • Many places now have seed libraries where you can get seeds for free. The Michigan Seed Library Network has an interactive map for you to find the nearest seed library.
  • Do you have seeds from last year that you want to plant? You can test their germination by using moist paper towels to see if they sprout.
  • Check to see the recommended planting times for what you plan to grow. This may change depending on if you are starting seeds indoors or outdoors. This almanac resource provides a chart of the recommended times to plant various seeds or seedlings in the Canton area.
  • Need more monthly tips or have questions? Michigan State University's Gardening in Michigan page is fantastic go-to resource for all things gardening in Michigan. It’s rich with tips, tricks, tool kits and more.

We wish you a successful, plentiful growing season. Dig into these reads for more gardening know-how.

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