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2021 Statistics Dashboard

The Canton Public Library is committed to transparency in all of its operations. This dashboard is intended to provide our community with a snapshot of the library’s 2021 financials, usage, and collection. The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact all of our lives, but thanks to the financial diligence of the library board and staff, we have been carefully managing your tax dollars and making improvements to our processes and offerings to mitigate community spread of COVID-19 and provide a safe experience for staff and patrons while adhering to all federal, state, and local regulations.

We placed an increased emphasis on digital materials and virtual events, but our commitment to library collections, programs and services, and the facility continued despite the pandemic. In 2021, we replaced portions of the roof, made repairs to our major mechanicals, and completely replaced our HVAC system, including all four rooftop units, to improve ventilation throughout the building.

As we exit these pandemic times, we will continue our diligence in balancing financial constraints with the excellence that our community demands. We are proud to connect the Canton community and appreciate your patronage and support.

Library Usage

We welcomed 206,932 visitors through our doors.
There were 60,627 total library card holders. Of these, 86.51% were Canton Public Library Card holders.
Patrons checked out a total of 1,127,411 physical items (like books) and checked out 248,253 electronic materials, including e-books19% of the items checked out were audio visual materials. Circulation of print materials included 59% children's books and 30% adult books.

The library has 432,184 items in the collection. 54% of materials at the library are print materials. 13% of the items at the library are DVDs. The library has 111,882 electronic materials, including 47,053 e-books.

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Programs and Outreach

The library held a total of 512 programs, with 5,975 people in attendance. Of those programs, 211 were children's programs, and 6 programs were a part of 62 Days of Summer. 

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The library meeting rooms were used outside of library-sponsored programs 28 times over the course of the year.

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The library's total revenue for 2021 was $6,654,483. The majority of revenue comes from property taxes. The library received $6,440,713 in property taxes.

The library had $6,648,687 in expenditures.

The Endowment Fund total balance at year-end was $755,365.

The endowment helps ensure the library's long-term financial stability. We appreciate your donations!

Employees, including part time, full time, substitutes, and interns, worked a total of 112,816 hours.

The library employed a total of 91 people.

The library's pension fund was 96.4% funded.

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