Happy Halloween

Spooky season is upon us—and so are these delightful selections for Halloween-lovers of all ages. Get into the Halloween spirit and dive into a bone-chilling book, a frightening flick or a ghoulish game.

Children’s Recommendations

Bone-Chilling Books for Kids – Tales for young readers who enjoy a little spookiness in their stories.

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun – From ghosts and ghouls, to spooky folklore monsters, enjoy these page turners as they give you a fright and more.

Goofy Monster Tales – Not all monsters are scary. Discover some wacky creatures in these playful and amusing picture books.

If You Liked Vacancy by K.R. Alexander – These books are also spooky stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. This list includes books by newer authors like K.R. Alexander as well as some classic horror for kids.

Spooktacular Crafting Fun – It’s spooky season, and our resident bear Thorndyke is excited to make these sensory-friendly, Halloween-inspired crafts and treats. Why not give one a try at home?

Spooky and Scary Stories for 5th Grade Readers – Ready to hide under the covers to avoid the spooky noises outside your window? Here's a collection of spine-tingling stories.

Spooky and Scary Stories for 1st Grade Readers – Ready for goosebumps and crazy creatures? Here's a collection of spooky stories featuring unexpected creatures and adventures.

Spooky and Scary Stories for Kindergarteners – We suggest these appropriate spooky or scary reads for kindergarten grade level readers and listeners.

Spooky Chapter Books – Looking to get in a spooky mood? Check out some of these classic spooky books or find a brand-new scare. These chapter and middle grade books are sure to thrill readers of every level.

Spooky Storytelling Audiobooks – Everyone loves to hear a good story. This list of e-audiobooks has enough spooky stories to keep you busy all month long.

Teen Recommendations

Ah! Ghost! Cool Down with These Chilling Reads – Enjoy this list of 10 spooky novels featuring ghosts and other supernatural, and sinister hauntings.

Bone-Chilling Books: Spooky Teen Reads – Real life might feel scarier than fiction. But if you're looking for a thrill and an excuse to keep the lights on, check out these creepy books.

BOOvie Night: Frightening Flicks to Watch at Home – 'Tis the season for thrills and chills. The movies on this list are guaranteed to give you the creeps. Some are classics, some are new, all are horror.

13 Ghoulish Games for Good Scares – Looking for a good scare? Check out these horror video games. Can you survive until the end?

Horror Manga – This manga list is for the creepy, the bloody and the scary. While some of these selections may look cute, don't let them deceive you. What they hide within is horror of many different types.

Make Some Magic: Witchy YA Books – These books will put a spell on you! From funny spells to family curses, these titles all feature witches.

Mermaids and Shapeshifters and Vampires... Oh My! – In case being a teenager wasn't hard enough, these heroes and heroines all have a little extra to worry about, whether that's being a shapeshifter, mermaid, vampire, or even dead.

Monstrous Manga – From vampires to yokai and all the creepy creatures in between, check out these monstrous manga and manhwa. Some of these stories feature cute and harmless monsters while others will scratch any horror itch.

Superheroes Versus Monsters, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombies and Other Horrors – These graphic novels, all available digitally via hoopla, feature tales of iconic Marvel and DC heroes battling a whole host of supernatural and cosmic horrors.

Supernatural Manga – Are you looking for something spooky and full of ghosts? What about superpowers and demon slaying? These manga selections have it all from ghosts to gods, ghouls to demons. Some may even leave you wondering who the real monsters are.

Adult Recommendations

BOOvie Night: Frightening Flicks to Watch at Home – 'Tis the season for thrills and chills. The movies on this list are guaranteed to give you the creeps. Some are classics, some are new, all are horror.

Find Your Perfect Scare – Finding the perfect spooky movie or book doesn't have to be a scary experience. Get your fix with hoopla and Kanopy sub-genre searching.

Great Lakes Ghosts – There are many intriguing spots around the Great Lakes with reports of unexplained sights and sounds. Grab a cup a cider and warm up by the fire with one of these chilling Michigan ghost stories.

Horror Comics for the (Un)dead of Winter – Dive into tales of horror without having to brave the cold to get them. Check out these comics on hoopla and Comics Plus.

Horror Films You Don't Have to Leave Your House For – Sometimes the only thing scarier than a horror film is picking one to watch. With this selection from hoopla and Kanopy, you won't have to! This list of horror classics and more obscure cult favorites features slashers, zombies, vampires, ghosts, demons and more.

Scare Up a Good Read – These award-winning tales will provide just the right amount of atmosphere, mystery, and occasional nightmare fuel to put you in the Halloween spirit all month long.

Summer Chillers – Like Christmas in July, these cold weather horror movies will give you chills even in the summer heat.

You've Got Me Under Your Spell – Everyone needs love—even witches. These witch-y romances will help you believe in love and magic.