Seriously, Go Outside

We all know how physical activity is good for the body and soul. After all, everyone is familiar with the magic number of 150 minutes of activity per week that we hear from doctors, news reports and magazine articles. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Does anyone ever really get 150 minutes of physical activity a week?

Thankfully, there are many ways to not only split up that 150 minutes into more manageable chunks, but to earn that time by having fun and getting some activity in your life. Most people in the know will tell you that even bursts of 10 or 20 minutes a day can not only get you on the right track to meeting your fitness goals but can also help you create an ongoing habit that becomes lifelong rather than just for the moment.

There is a great family-themed program that anyone can join called 1,000 Hours Outside. If you visit their website, you can join their mailing list to get content that will encourage you on your outdoor fitness journey. The initiative was founded by a local mom, Ginny Yurich, who was interested in not only adding more activity to her children’s day but also having more time spent outdoors in nature. Her website has activities, trackers, and other tools to help you not only reach 150 minutes a day but go beyond while enjoying the beauty that surrounds us here in the mitten state. 

Here are some local places to investigate if you are looking to get active this spring. 

Wayne County Department of Public Services – This great website lists news and events happening in parks all over Wayne County. There is also a Pick-a-Park option where you can see what extra amenities are available at the different parks in the county.

Heritage Park – Canton’s very own delightful park with trails, playscapes, and small ponds is located practically in the library’s backyard. Get out for a stroll and then warm up with a good book in this great location.

Plymouth Township Park – Our neighbors in Plymouth also have a sprawling park with playscapes, trails and a golf course. There's lots of green space to let your mind wander while you get your heart pumping during a walk or run.

Explore Outdoors

Nature offers soothing sounds, relaxing sights, and the opportunity to escape some of the stressors of our lives. And while solitude in nature can be wildly appealing, taking the time to explore the outdoors together makes an enriching connective experience for all ages. Use the following titles to inspire you to renew your relationship with nature through shared backyard exploration, camping, crafts and experiments, or even just stories about the importance of the natural world.

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Not into year-round outdoorsy activities? Have no fear! We also have some fantastic resources—all available with your Canton Public Library card. Our options include books, DVDs, and online videos through hoopla. When the temperatures are freezing, hang out in your living room with one of these titles. 

Yoga Gets Better With Age

Dancing With the Stars

Jillian Michaels

Pajama Pilates

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, whether just starting out, in it for years, or looking for a change to spice things up, enjoy these suggestions and let us know some great tricks you have used over the years to get your 150 minutes in.