Summer Skies

Summer is a magical time. Nothing beats the warm breeze blowing and the sun shining as you play outside.

However, some days you might want a break from playing in the hot sun. That's where stargazing comes in as a fun activity to enjoy after the sun goes down. Not only is stargazing entertaining, but you can also learn about different constellations, planets and stars while enjoying the beauty of the night sky. 

Here are some tips to get you started. 

  • Research the night sky. Check out a book from the library's nonfiction section about the different constellations and stars, their history and mythological significance, and how to spot them. A list of suggested titles is below.
  • Look for an area with little light pollution. Light pollution can obstruct the view of the stars, making it difficult to spot constellations. Look for a spot far away from bright lights, like a rural area or an outdoor field. Or, if you want the full stargazing experience, visit a dark sky park
  • Don’t have a telescope? Try a pair of binoculars. On a clear night, a pair of binoculars can enhance stargazing and make it easier to see the stars and constellations.


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