Thorndyke Reviews Canton Playgrounds

Hey Kids,

Did you know there are eight parks with playgrounds in Canton? If you stacked them end to end it would not get you to the moon, but it would get you a long way. I am on a quest to visit them all this summer.

Amazingly, there are three right here in Heritage Park. For this review, I visited each one.

First up, Heritage Park Hideout.

This playground at 46010 Summit Parkway is my personal favorite, and very close to the library. It has a big wooden fort that is really fun to climb around on. Here is a picture of me on it.

It has lots of different slides. One has a cool dragon-lizard face, one is covered, you get the picture. One side of this playground has a fence around it, which is nice to lean against and helps make sure Little Bear doesn’t wander off when I’m not looking. The other side is open, and more for big kids.

It also has nice tables that seem like they would be great for a picnic. I will have to remember my basket next time.

Next, just at the other end of the parking lot from the Hideout, is the Splash Pad!

This playground is awesome on a hot day. It has wacky fountains that spray water, and some nice brightly colored shady areas where you can relax.

Nearby, there is an accessible playground on a little hill. It has trees around it, so it is nice and shady, and has a great peek-a-boo spot.

Last but not least, there is the North Fields Playground.

This playground is my latest discovery. It is right off of Heritage Park Road near Veteran's Parkway. It also has lots of great slides, including a curly spiral one and one that three people can use at once.

It also has a cool spinner that you can sit in. This is me waiting for new friends to show up so I can spin.

You can also see that this playground has basket swings that feel nice and secure, even for someone shaped like me.

Just out of the photo, there are also several picnic shelters nearby in case your grown-ups want somewhere to hang out and have snacks.

There are also fun instruments there. I don’t know any songs, but I like making sounds.

Well, those are all the playgrounds in Heritage Park. They are very fun, but there are also so many more to explore across Canton! I just need one of the librarians to drive me.

Here are the other parks with playgrounds on my list:

  • Flodin Park. This park also has a splash pad, so I am saving it for a hot day.
  • Griffin Park. This park has a lot of slides, and a pond. I wonder if any of our ducks would want to go with me?
  • Victory Park. Most people think this park is just for baseball, but there is a playground right in the middle of it!
  • Independence Park. A lot of people play soccer here, but there is a nice little playground too. And woods! Perhaps another bear lives there?
  • Freedom Park. This park has a playground and also disc golf. What do you suppose that is? I am looking forward to trying something new.
  • Barchester Park. I thought at first this might be for dogs, but then I remembered bark ends in the letter "k." There is a nice walking path, and shady trees for a hot day, in addition to the playground, of course.
  • Kopper Park. Last but not least, this park is all playground. It is specially designed for toddlers, so I will bring Little Bear with me to this one, I think. It has a slide that is just his size.

Speaking of slides, I also learned this dance called the electric slide. Do you know that one? You can do it on the playground (but not on the slide, that would be dangerous). There is also a dance called swings, I think. I wonder if there is one for the monkey bars?

What is your favorite playground? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Bear hugs,


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