Library Like… There’s No Tomorrow

Unless you’re Sarah Connor, you may find yourself grasping for ways to prepare yourself for humanity’s current and future environmental challenges. That’s where your local library comes in.

Use Tech for Good

While the library may have more in common with Skynet than Sarah Connor on the surface, we actually have a vested interest in using our powers for the preservation of humankind and not in its destruction. And thankfully, the Terminator films are just movies (for now!).

Speaking of technology, have you risen to the occasion to learn a new platform? There are dozens and dozens of such books in the 0-100s area of our nonfiction section. Become an iPad expert, learn some basic coding, or figure out the whole messy world of social media with a number of handy guides on subjects both specific and broad.

If you have an interest in remote work, learning a new skill may also be the way to go, as many jobs allow you to work from home. Less driving means less carbon emissions, too. Ultimately, it might benefit you to be proactive in learning how technology is shaping our future, for better or worse.

Play It Safe

Is the outside world too scary? Would you rather not even leave the comfort of your home? The library sees you. We have Libby, hoopla, and Kanopy for your at-home entertainment and information services. All you need to set up an account is your Canton Public Library card. Libby and hoopla are for checking out e-books and e-audiobooks, and Kanopy is a movie and TV streaming service. So, once you master using your tablet, take it a step further with one of our e-resources.

Band Together

On the other hand, bringing together the community is another crucial function the library serves, and one that can make navigating the state of the world a little bit easier. Some of our regular programs include trivia, books clubs, the Adult Writers’ Group, and ELL groups. You may find that being around like-minded individuals inspires hope (and in the case of trivia—competition).

Have a Plan

Finally, in times of minor environmental emergencies (rainstorms and power outages, to name a few) the library is the first place many people go to charge their devices and access Wi-Fi. While we hope your next visit to the library isn’t directly correlated to a natural disaster, we do want you to know your options.

Best of luck to you in this brave new world!