You Can’t Get a Library Card for Your Grandchild: Here’s Why

Visiting the library with your grandchild can be a fun experience for both of you, but there are some things you should know to ensure your visit goes off without a hitch.

The big thing to be aware of is that library cards are considered legal contracts, which means that if your grandchild is a minor they can’t obtain a card on their own, and unfortunately you can’t apply for them. Parents or legal guardians are held legally liable for the items their child checks out, so they have to be the one to fill out and turn in a minor application, and show their photo ID in order for your grandchild to obtain a card.

Here are two things you can do instead:

1. Encourage your grandchild’s parents or legal guardians to apply for a card for themselves or for their children, and ask them to add you as an authorized user. That way if you bring your grandchild to the library and they don’t happen to have their library card on them, you can simply show your photo ID and tell our staff you have authorized access. They’ll see that you do when they look at your account, and you can then check out items for your grandchild without their card. 

2. You can also check out items for your grandchild with your library card. You would be responsible for the items, and any renewal or overdue notices would come directly to you.     

If you don’t live in Canton, but are a resident of a community that has reciprocal borrowing privileges with us, you can still use your library card to check out items when you bring your grandchildren to the library. If it’s your first time with us, we’ll need to enter your information into our computers, so you’ll want to make sure you have your library card with you as well as a valid photo ID. 

And don’t forget that there is a lot to do at the library even without a library card! You don’t need a card to spend time in the Children’s Library, browse and read while in the library, use the computers, play with the puppets, or to attend programs (even if they require registration).