10 Tips to Encourage Reading

Follow these simple strategies and find your child reading for fun in no time.

Is Middle Child Syndrome Real?

We're celebrating middle children year-round—they should have their spotlight moments too!

Fall Feels

is a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside.

Suggested Lists

Spotlight on Best Friends

The Beary Best Kids Books

Thorndyke shares the books that make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside, plus some of CPL staff's favorite nostalgic reads.

Recommended Book List for Spotlight Topic

Books About BFFs

These books spotlight chapter books about best friends, their adventures, and how friendships are important at all ages.

Early Literacy

Help your child become reading-ready with these age-appropriate tips from CPL librarians.


Learn how adults—parents, grandparents, and teachers—play a very important role in preparing young children for future school success and helping them become self-confident and motivated learners.

A public awareness and action campaign that helps parents recognize their ability to boost children’s early brain and vocabulary development through simple, everyday actions.

Babies are born able to process language. This phase, before children are conventional readers, is called the Early Literacy Phase. Learn how talking, having conversations, and singing helps prepare your child for success.

A national public media literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.

Take a look at these recommended reading lists for each grade level curated by CPL youth librarians.


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