We’ve Eliminated Late Fees

Effective September 1, 2022, we are changing our Circulation Policy to eliminate late fees on overdue materials. Any late fees currently on your account will be erased; however, replacement or collections fees for lost or damaged items will still be charged.

If an item is more than 10 days overdue, you will not be able to check out additional materials until the item is returned.

When an item is 21 days overdue, we assume it is lost and you will be billed for its replacement. If you’re billed for an item, you can still return it. When the item is returned in good condition, we will waive the replacement fee.

If an item you’ve borrowed reaches 45 days overdue, and your total owed is more than $35, your account will be referred to a collection agency and a $10 collections fee will be added to your account. You can still return the item—if returned in good condition at this point, we will waive the replacement fee, but you will still owe the $10 charge for collections.

We are increasing the number of due date notices that we send out to help you keep track of return dates for items you have checked out.

Never seem to get your notices? Check out this post for some tips, and rest assured, on the 10th day that the item is overdue we will give you a call to make sure you know your item is past due. You can also sign up to receive text message alerts about item due dates and overdue materials.