Get Text Message Alerts

Stay up-to-date on your account with the Canton Public Library's Shoutbomb text messaging service. With this service, you can:

  • Get alerts about holds, items due soon, and overdue items
  • Renew eligible items via text message
  • Continue to receive your standard email or telephone notice as usual

Canton Public Library does not charge for this service, but your mobile plan's regular text messaging rates apply.

Sign Up Via Text Message
  1. Send a text message with the keyword signup to 833-568-7876. 
  2. You will receive a reply asking you for your library card. This reply may take up to one minute to arrive. If you receive a reply telling you that we could not understand your message, this typically means that the text was typed incorrectly. For example, signup is correct, while sign up is not.
  3. Reply with only the information requested. If your library card number is mistyped or a zero was accidentally omitted, you will receive an error message which will ask for the number once again. If you resend the same number, you will not receive a reply.
  4. If your library card number is valid, you will receive a message thanking you for registering. 

You can get alerts for more than one card. To add another card, text the keyword addcard to 833-568-7876, and provide the library card number of the card you wish to add. 

Privacy Notice

To activate the service, you are required to submit your library card number to Shoutbomb via a one-time text message. Shoutbomb is required by contract to keep this information and the information in your text message alerts private. Shoutbomb cannot use your information for any purpose other than to send you text message alerts. However, your text message alerts will be traveling via commercial SMS services (i.e., your cell phone provider). The library cannot guarantee the privacy of these messages because they are not under our control. 

Other Shoutbomb Commands

You can use Shoutbomb to manage a variety of aspects of your account by using specific keywords. Text any of these commands to 833-568-7876 to interact with your account. You can interact with your account using Shoutbomb at any time of the day, even if the library is closed. 

  • ra - request to renew all eligible items
  • hl - request a list of your items on hold
  • addcard - add additional library cards to your text message notices
  • addemail - request to update your profile with an email address
  • dropcard - remove one or more additional cards linked to your account
  • dropemail - update your profile by deleting your email
  • help - request detailed descriptions of how to use each keyword
  • ioweu - requests your current total fines for each library card
  • mybooks - view the status of all your library items
  • mycards - request a list of all library cards registered to your phone
  • quit - turn off the text messaging service 
  • resend - resend the last message from Shoutbomb
  • signup - register for text messaging service
  • switchphone - if you have changed your phone or phone number
  • test - test your connection to Shoutbomb
  • holds - toggle notices for holds on or off (this is automatically on when you register)
  • renew - toggle notices for renewals on or off (this is automatically on when you register)
  • fees - toggle notices for fees added to your account (this is automatically off when you register)