I Never Got a Notice

If you find yourself surprised by a bill for an item you did not return, don’t worry. 

Check your email spam folder(s) because we do regularly send out email notices about item renewals and items being overdue. Here's a quick link to our notification schedule, and one to check that you have the right email addresses saved as trusted contacts.

If you don't see our messages in your inbox, please check in with us either at the Check Out Desk or by phone at 734-397-0999 to make sure we have your most recent contact information. You can also check and update your email and phone number yourself, if you prefer, in your My CPL dashboard.

If you received a bill for an item you believe you returned, let us know that too. We’ll check our shelves in case an error was made when checking the item in. If it’s not there, we’ll renew the item (if we can) to give you more time to search at home.

And, if it's been more than 45 days and you’ve gone to the collection agency, the most important thing is to return the overdue items you have checked out. If you return them, the only charge you’ll be responsible for is the $10 collection agency charge. In the end, we just want the items back so that other patrons have access to them.