Looking for Lists?

If you saw a booklist somewhere on our website or in the catalog, or you're just looking for new ideas, you can search for lists. Save things for later if you're interested but your pile is too big. Know what your kid liked, and want to get them something similar to it? Lists are great. 

There are three ways you can find lists:

  1. Check out the Kids, Teens and Books & Media pages for lists specifically tailored to your stage of life. Look for the “Suggested Reads” or “Recommended Lists” section.
  2. Set the first box in the search bar to Catalog and the second box to List, and enter the topic you’re interested in or a title you’ve enjoyed. The search results will include all lists by staff, other patrons and even other libraries, that include that topic or title.
  3. Go to an item you like in the catalog, and scroll down. There is a “Staff Lists” section where you’ll see any staff lists (by CPL staff or staff from other libraries) that include that item. If you keep scrolling, you will also see a "More from the Community" section which showcases any lists made by patrons that include that title.

If you find a list you like, you can “follow” the author and any new lists they make will appear in your dashboard. If you have not yet followed anyone, you will see a few suggested follows in your dashboard.

We love to make recommendations, and CPL staff regularly create suggested lists that are available for viewing on the website and through the catalog. These carefully curated Staff Lists span many interests and ages and are intended to help you find your next favorite thing. We create new lists based on popular literature, current events and holidays, new additions to our collection, and more.

You'll know a list has been created by staff if it says "Staff List" at the top.

You are also welcome to make and share your own lists. Any list you share will say “Community-created list.” You can also make lists and keep them private if you prefer.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Try May We Suggest, our readers advisory service.