Library Like… A TikTok-er

What up fam, CPL here with some 🔥 tips to level up your library game 💪📚 and help you get the most out of your Canton Public Library card. 🤩 Come collab with your study buddies, find the next #booktok smash, and snag deals on premium concert tickets. 🎟️


First things first, film your #fitcheck and show off your library OOTD. Some of our study rooms can get 🥵 toasty, but other areas of the library are 🥶 brisk. #Layering is the name of the game, so bring your fave sweatshirt or pull a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve shirt for a vintage early 2000s look that’s practical and ✨ stylish.

Stay Current

Don’t fall behind on hot trends, make sure you visit the 🆕 book shelf to find all the newest titles fresh out of the box. Also be sure to sneak a 👀 peek at the Lucky Day shelf, where we put super popular titles you don’t have to wait for. Twenty-seventh in line for Lessons in Chemistry? Stop by this shelf to see if we’ve got a copy, it might be your #LuckyDay!


Starving for fae romance as you wait for ACOTAR 6? The library subscribes to 🤓 databases like Novelist which can help you find similar reads. Our librarians also put together tons of themed booklists to connect you to the content you crave. 🔍 Search our website and explore yourself, or come in to talk to a librarian. We love to chat and recommend your next #mustread titles.

Respect the Stacks 📚 

Book shelves make awesome backgrounds for videos, and we do have flattering lighting. 💁‍♀️ If you’re filming clips make sure you’re not being disruptive, don’t take up a whole aisle and block access, and don’t 🙅‍♀️ film other people without their consent. Remember to tag us when you post to socials, we love a 📣 shout out. 😉

Scroll Your Read 📜

Did you know library e-media is free? Check out manga, listen to books, read French magazines without ever having to get out of your pajamas.

POV Using Your Library Card Outside the Library

Did you know you can use your card to get passes and discount tickets to hot spots and events around Michigan? We’ve partnered with 313 Presents to get you discounts on premium 💰 club seating for concerts and shows at Little Caesars Arena 🤯 and the Fox Theatre so you can get the VIP experience. If you’re more into #zootok than #concerttok you can use your library card to get discount tickets to the zoo 🐧 where there won’t be premium seating but there will be cute animals.

That’s all for now fam, like and follow for more #librarytips.