What’s New?

You may have seen our New Book shelf, but did you know that new materials can also be found in other parts of the library?

Keeping on top of the new releases from your favorite author and discovering new voices and titles can be challenging, not to mention costly. Thankfully, the library has you covered. In addition to highlighting new materials on the website, we have established sections throughout the building to spotlight new releases. These are great places to find the latest video games and hottest new titles. Best of all, you can check out that new author you’ve been curious about for free. 

New Children’s Materials

If you’re interested in kids books, head over to the Children’s Library to the right of the library entrance. After you step through one of the adult or kid-sized entrance arches, you’ll find the children's new book shelves on the wall to your left. These shelves hold a variety of new kids materials including board books, graphic novels, picture books, chapter books and nonfiction titles.

New Young Adult Materials 

Looking for materials for a young adult audience? Head to the library’s east end where the Teen Space is. To get there, go left from the library entrance, past the Group Study Rooms. The new teen book shelves are on the wall to straight ahead. These shelves feature YA novels, graphic novels, and nonfiction books. You’ll also notice a display section next to the new books, which highlights a particular topic and showcases thematically-related teen materials.

New Video Games

If you are standing in front of the new teen book shelves and look to your left, you’ll notice a section of new video games. The games are organized by gaming system, and are located right next to the teen and adult video game section. There are also video games for kids in the Children’s Library, next to the window booths, although that area does not have a new shelf.

New Adult Fiction and Nonfiction

New adult books are also to the left of the library entrance, just past the Check Out Desk. Similar to the teen new book shelves, there are displays on either end of this area that highlight different topics. On these new shelves, starting from the left you’ll find new fiction, new genre fiction like mysteries and romance, and new graphic novels. On the right side of the section you’ll find the latest nonfiction books, grouped together by call number.

New Books on CD

Looking for new books on CD? We have a special area for those as well. You can find it one aisle to the right of our adult graphic novel section. There’s a hanging sign in the first aisle to the left of the library’s main entrance that points you in the right direction. We also have books on CD for kids in the Children’s Library, just behind the DVD shelves, although the collection does not have a new shelf.

Lucky Day

If you can’t find the new book you’re looking for, you might also find it on the Lucky Day shelf just to the right of the adult new books. The items in the Lucky Day section are especially popular, so we circulate these books, DVDs and Blu-Rays a bit differently than our standard items. You can’t place a hold on a Lucky Day copy of an item, they have a shorter borrowing period, and you can only check out a limited number at one time.

Lucky Day books can be checked out for a week, and Lucky Day movies for three days. You can get four total, any mix of formats, and they are not renewable. These items usually have a lot of patrons interested in them; the Lucky Day area increases the odds that you will find one on the shelf when you’re in the library.

Still Can't Find It?

Finally, if you are looking for a new item that you don’t see in any of our new sections, please ask one of our librarians about it. It could be a popular item where all our copies are currently checked out. If that’s the case, and you have a Canton Public Library card, they can put the item on hold for you.

If we don’t have an item, you can also suggest that we purchase it. If you’re the first to suggest it, and we do decide to purchase the item, it will automatically be placed on hold for you so that you’ll be first in line when it arrives.