You Don’t Have to Live in Canton to Get a Library Card

If you are a student in Canton, work at a local business, or live in our reciprocal lending area, you are eligible to borrow items from Canton Public Library. You are also eligible to get a card if you own property in Canton. If none of the above is true for you, but you still want a card—you can pay for one. We charge $140 per year (the equivalent of Canton's average annual household tax contribution for library services).

Let's dive into the free options first.

You’re a student here? Great. Bring in your student ID, and if you’re under 18, a parent or guardian to sign for you.

You work here? Awesome. Being in your work ID and/or a recent pay stub.

You live nearby? Cool. Check if your home library is part of The Library Network (TLN). Residents of other TLN communities may use their local library cards at the Canton Public Library (some restrictions apply). To use your library card from one of these other libraries at CPL, bring the library card issued to you by your home library to the Check Out Desk, along with photo ID, to be entered into our system.

If you are a Plymouth, Belleville or Westland resident, and don’t yet have a card from your home library, that’s okay too. We keep a stack of cards from those nearby libraries so we can get you started. If we issue you a card, you’ll need to bring it to the desk at your home library to activate it and use it there.

You own property in Canton? Sweet. Bring a copy of your most recent tax bill for the property and your ID.

You live here, but your name isn’t on any of the bills? We’ve got you covered. Let us know at the Check Out Desk, and we’ll mail a letter that you can bring in to prove you live in Canton.

Now let's go over the paid version.

For $140, you'll receive Canton Public Library cards for you and your whole family for the year and will be able access all of the same services and resources that Canton residents do. You will still need to show a photo ID, so we can follow up on any items not returned.

Happy borrowing!