Use the Sound Zone Map to Pick the Best Place to Work

Check out this map to help pick a spot that will work best for your needs.

You are welcome to take a Zoom meeting in the library, as long as you are in a study room or a Social Zone. We have Wi-Fi and 12 first-come, first-serve study rooms in our eastern wing. The study booths in the Children’s Library and Teen Space are also excellent locations to conduct a Zoom meeting. Please use your headphones and keep your voice to a moderate conversation level.

If you are participating in an online class, and need to watch video and hear sound but not speak, The Lab or Silent Study might be right for you.

If you are having a quiet two to three person meeting, and do not need the privacy of a room, the tables in front of The Lab or the quiet corner by adult fiction are great choices. The study booths in the Children’s Library and Teen Space, or the chairs between the Teen Space and adult nonfiction are also nice options for this kind of activity.

If you’re struggling to find a good spot, or are not sure what you’re allowed to do, feel free to stop by one of our desks and ask. We are always happy to help!