Take Us With You

The chance to unwind with a good book or movie can be a pivotal part of a relaxing vacation. We wouldn’t want to ruin that by causing you to worry about due dates.  

With automatic renewals, all of our materials (except Lucky Day items and interlibrary loans) renew automatically up to four times as long as no one puts a hold on the item. You’ll know your item has renewed because we’ll send you an email two days before the due date that says whether it successfully renewed or not. Don’t want to check your email while you’re on vacation? You can sign up for our Shoutbomb text messaging service. Your renewal notices will be delivered directly to your phone.

Worried? Play it safe by picking up a title or two that you've been meaning to read for a while. The chances of someone else placing a hold on an older title are lower than for something that's just been published.

Still worried? Let us know in advance that you'll be away on the due date for your item, and we may be able to extend it for you. Extending your due date lets us know when to expect the item back, and helps you keep your account in good standing. Unfortunately, we can't extend due dates on new items, Lucky Days, or items with holds, so make sure you ask in advance!

If you run out of renewals or someone puts a hold on the items you’ve taken on vacation, there’s still no need to get upset. We understand; it happens to all of us. After an item is 10 days overdue, a block will be placed on your account that keeps you from checking out any new materials, but we no longer charge late fees. As soon as you return your overdue materials, the block is lifted and your account is back in action.

If you’re relying on a combination of physical and digital items to keep you entertained while on holiday, and you get a block notice, you’ll want to give us a call or send us an email because an overdue block also prevents you from checking out digital items. When you reach out, we’ll do what we can to accommodate you with things like an extra renewal.

So keep calm, and vacation on. We've got you covered.