Snacks on Site

You are more than welcome to quiet your growling stomach, even while browsing materials or enjoying a chair by the fire.

We have snack, soda, and coffee machines available to help quench your thirst and satisfy small food cravings. When you enter the library, turn left (like you are headed to the Community Room or the public restrooms), and you will find the vending machines in the front alcove of the Social Space with the high-top tables.

The vending machines accept cash and credit card payment, but they do not belong to us. So, if something goes wrong and you need a refund, please note the phone number on the vending machine and give them a call.

If you think you might need to use the vending machines while you’re here, and you plan on paying with cash, please bring small bills. The Check Out Desk has a limited number of singles, and we prioritize being able to break bigger bills for people paying for copies. That means there might be times when we can’t make change, especially on weekends.

If the vending machines are not working properly, do tell us! We will place a service call.

Vending machine fare not what you’re craving? If you have a hunger bigger than they can satisfy, we’re still here for you. Feel free to order food to 1200 S Canton Center Rd, or bring it in and eat it while you enjoy the library resources and atmosphere.