Longer Checkouts for TV Series

On February 1, 2023, the checkout period for TV series changed from seven days to 21 days. 

Why is this changing?

With new technology, individual discs can now hold more episodes, which means a whole season of a TV series often fits on one or two discs and can be kept in one case. 

Keeping a TV series season in one case on the shelf saves space, and makes placing holds and finding the episodes you want easier—but it can also mean when you bring your item home that you have a lot to watch. 

In light of that, you can now keep your TV series the same length of time as most books, and TV series will auto renew the same way books do.

Please note: If you had a TV series checked out before February 1, 2023, the checkout period and renewal periods remain seven days. These changes only affect new checkouts.