I Owe How Much?!

If you see a charge on your account, the first step is to not panic. The second step is to reach out to us by phone at 734-397-0999, or via our email form. Talk to us and let us know what’s going on. We understand that things happen, and we want to help.

If the charge is for something you believe you returned, we’re happy to check our shelves to see if it was not checked in. Here's how our shelf-check process works.

If the charges are replacement fees, that means either the item was damaged or you kept it more than 21 days past the day it was due. If you still have the item, return it. As long as it is in good condition, the replacement fee will be erased.  

And, if it's been more than 45 days and you’ve gone to the collection agency, the most important thing is to return the overdue items you have checked out. If you return them, the only charge you’ll be responsible for is the $10 collection agency charge.