Best of 2022: Media Staff Picks

We asked our staff to name their favorite media they watched, played or listened to in 2022, and the results are in. 

TV & Film (and their Tie-ins)

Spy x Family, Volume 1 – "This adorable, funny series about a found fake family is still in the works, and the anime started in April! Both the manga and the anime are fantastic." – Alyssa Y., Adult Librarian

Father Stu – "A very inspiring and powerful true story of an amateur boxer who finds healing and redemption in becoming a priest." – Deborah S., Adult Librarian

Dog – "A handsome Army Ranger with PTSD must escort a K-9 military dog to the funeral of a fellow soldier and friend." – Deborah S., Adult Librarian

Everything Everywhere All at Once – "Absurd on the surface, but the depths are full of every feeling. I laughed, cried, cringed and enjoyed this so much." – Erin S., Youth Librarian

Bluey – "Bluey is a delightful cartoon about a dog family in Australia, and its short stories serve parents as much as children. Highly recommended for all children, people caring for children, and people who used to be children." – Megan, Adult Librarian


I Will Die in a Foreign Land – "I Will Die in a Foreign Land follows four individuals over the course of a volatile Ukrainian winter, as their lives are forever changed by the Euromaidan protests. Haunting and topical, this book helped me understand more about the Ukrainian spirit and their continual striving toward independence and self-government." – Kari T., Page

Divergent Mind – "This audiobook (which is also available in e-book and print) takes a look at neurodivergences such as autism, ADHD, and synesthesia, and how they present and are often overlooked in women." – Alyssa Y., Adult Librarian

Masters of the Air – "An excellent book based on the actions of the Eighth Air Force of the United States Army Air Forces 'bomber boys' during WWII. It's intense but a really good read. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are in the process of developing this as a TV mini series." – Barb, Circulation Supervisor

Shrines of Gaiety – "I wait patiently for Atkinson's new books and this one didn't disappoint. Zany characters, crime, debauchery, lost girls, bad cops and clever prose bring the Roaring '20s in fashionable London to life. This was my favorite book of 2022 and is definitely the cat's pajamas." – Amy L., Adult Librarian

One Italian Summer – "Carol, still reeling from her mother’s death, embarks on a mother-daughter trip to Positano, Italy, alone, where she encounters her mother in the flesh at 30 years old and must reconcile the mother who knew everything with this young woman who does not yet have a clue." – CPL staff member 

A Master of Djinn – "A nice mix of fantasy and science fiction set in 1930s alternate history Cairo, Egypt, featuring female detective (known for her fondness of menswear) Agent Fatma el-Sha'arawi, and her young Muslim partner, Agent Hadia Abdel Hafez, as they kick magical butt to stop the world from ending. The themes of power and privilege are covered as well as colonialism, though set in an alternate Cairo. Delightful! The audiobook is fabulous as well." – Lisa B., Youth Librarian

Video Games

Stardew Valley – "Stardew Valley is a fairly simple video game that is fun and relaxing! You can create your own farm, fish, mine, and get to know the little community. You can also team up with friends, it really allows your farm to thrive when you have two or more people tending to it and completing mini quests!" – Lindsey K., Adult Librarian

Stardew Valley

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