Best of 2022: Adult Staff Picks

We asked our staff to name their favorite adult books they read or listened to in 2022, and the results are in. From quirky fiction to studious nonfiction as well as biographies and graphic novels, there is something for everyone. Check out this fun list and find a new read for yourself, too. 

Bitch – "Putting the intensely diverse animal kingdom on display, this book manages to be both funny and deeply awe-inspiring while also vigorously destroying long-standing myths of what females (as well as males and the rest of the spectrum) are 'supposed' to be." – Erin S., Youth Librarian 

I'm Glad My Mom Died – "Jennette McCurdy's experiences growing up in the spotlight are framed by the toxic and abusive relationship she had with her mother. McCurdy's memoir is heartbreaking and real, showing the dark side of both fame and family." – Whitney, Youth Librarian 

In Pursuit of Flavor – "A wonderful recipe book from the women who put modern-day soul food on the map. Recipes of all kinds!" – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant

Legends & Lattes – "An Orc barbarian retires from adventuring to open a coffee shop. It's incredibly charming and one of the sweetest books I've ever read. 'Cozy fantasy' is a genre I never knew I needed in my life." – Paris, Adult Librarian

Patricia Wants to Cuddle – "This book is absolutely bonkers. A satire of influencer culture and modern reality television, this one isn't for everyone but it's a real treat for those of us looking for something wacky, Queer and grotesque." – Paris, Adult Librarian

Praying the Names of God – "A wonderful book that lists in-depth the name(s) of God, their meaning, and how to pray to that name based on what attribute it represents. Great for new Christians seeking to learn more about God." – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow – "This is a story about friendship and video games and love and being human. It made me feel completely heartbroken and completely alive." – Whitney, Youth Librarian

"This is a book about love, friendship, mortality, forgiveness and video games. I fell in love with Sam, Sadie and Marx—the three main characters are drawn with such a vivid compassion I think it would be hard not to. The book is dense with references to literature and real-world games but still accessible if you've never played a game in your life. This is an astonishing work of art." – Paris, Adult Librarian

Two Heads – "A good deal over my head, but I felt I learned a lot about how human brains work together. Incredibly interesting overall, but I was especially struck by how beneficial diverse teams are in coming up with better solutions." – Erin S., Youth Librarian

Vanderbilt – "Story of the rise and fall of a wealthy self-made American tycoon and the impact the fortune had on succeeding generations." – Elaine S., Librarian

We Refuse to Forget – "'In this paradigm-shattering work of American history, Caleb Gayle tells the extraordinary story of the Creek Nation, a Native tribe that two centuries ago both owned slaves and accepted Black people as full members.' The look at a minority group within another minority group and how white racial ideals permeated into the Creek Nation's governance is fascinating and not much represented." – Kari T., Page

Welcome, Holy Spirit – "If you are seeking to learn about the Holy Spirit, this book is for you. Loved it! Hard to put down." – Dolores G., Circulation Assistant 

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