5 Ways Families Adapt in Spring

Winter is officially over, and with spring here and summer seemingly right around the corner, we have created a list of five ways families can adapt, including tips for organization and activities to try as we move from one season to the next.

1. We learn new schedules. 

With daylight hours lengthening, it feels natural to fall into new habits and routines. Remember to take time for yourself and promote mindfulness routines for your kids as their lives get busier and their schedules change.

Bedtimes sometimes come later for young ones as the sun also has difficulty going to bed. For older kids, it can mean adapting to the new hustle and bustle of a busy sports season like volleyball, soccer, softball or baseball. For teens, it can mean preparing for standardized tests, sports, clubs and work. Check out this blog for tips on standardized testing. For grown-ups, it can look like getting outdoors with the kids and beginning to plan summer activities.  

2. We go outside for extended periods of time. 

With the cold weather wrapping up, we can enjoy more quality time in nature, and many of us who have been active in the winter find new things to keep us busy. To look for new physical activities or outdoor offerings, check out the latest calendars and schedules from Canton Township's Leisure Services and learn more about what is happening at The Summit. 

3. We dig into gardening and household chores.

If you have a home with a lawn, it might be time to clean up the areas that have been dormant all winter. It is also time to wipe down your front entryway and clean your mailbox and windows around the home. Changing your home air filter is a great way to minimize exposure to allergens, along with these tips from the Mayo Clinic.

If your home seems to have accumulated extra things over the winter, or if your kids have outgrown all their clothing from the fall, it is a good idea to weed through clothing, toys, and household items to prepare to donate. Check out this list of places to donate items around Canton. For your kids, check out this list of age-appropriate chores for each stage of childhood. 

4. We enjoy the beauty of living in Michigan.

We live in The Great Lakes State, and our families can enjoy many beautiful things without going through multiple gas tanks. What places do you and your family enjoy? For ideas, check out this blog on one-tank trips for your family. 

5. We get ready to party. 

With all the birthdays, graduations, weddings, block parties, summer fairs and festivals coming up, it is natural to want to dust off your boogie shoes and get ready to jam. Check out some tunes on hoopla to get your family dancing or singing along as you welcome spring and refresh your habits, goals, and home.