Ace That Test

Tests—that dreaded word that sends chills down the spines of students everywhere. At the Canton Public Library, we have some wonderful resources to help you defy those chills and ace your tests without batting an eyelash. Disclaimer: the library not held responsible for final grade outcomes.

When you hear the word "test", do you get anxious, sweaty or nervous? Or do you feel alive, like you are on top of the world? No matter how you feel leading up to a test, we have some great tools to support you in your journey through school.

Each school year, P-CEP National Honor Society students offer homework help a few nights each week at the library. Sign up for a half-hour time slot, and one of the high school students will help you work through some homework or study guides that are giving you trouble. For the 2023-2024 school year, tutoring is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-8:00 PM and Sundays from 1:00-3:00 PM. There will be no tutoring during school breaks or closures/snow days.

HelpNow by Brainfuse is an online tutoring service where live tutors are available from 2:00-11:00 PM (from September 1 through June 30) to answer your homework questions. To access this service, you will need a Canton Public Library card. Brainfuse is staffed by professionals with bachelor's degrees who are able to help in both English and Spanish languages. Tutors at Brainfuse are also skilled in helping you learn chess or filling out the Federal Application for Student Aid (FASFA) forms.

Are you studying for the SATs? At the library, we have a wide selection of SAT and PSAT test prep materials found in our collection and through LearningExpress, a service provided by the Michigan e-Library (MeL). LearningExpress also has links that focus on middle and high school learning, career development and more, and can be accessed online on our website.

Sometimes studying is not so bad, and neither is the test, but we just need some tunes to take a break and relax. We've compiled some beats for studying and relaxing to help you find your calm before the big day.

Remember, no matter how you feel about tests, the best approach is to be prepared. Study ahead of time, bring your favorite pen or pencil and get lots of rest the night before. Even if you don’t ace every test, always try your best and remember you'll be able to try again next time.