You’re Never Too Old for a Chapter Book

“Children’s books are not a hiding place, they are a seeking place.” –Katherine Rundell, Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though You Are So Old and Wise

It’s tempting to dismiss children’s books as relics of one’s immature past, or something to outgrow. But books written for child readers are as diverse and rich as books written for adults. The topics, genres, and characters all have a wide range, and they frequently pack a concentrated punch. So why wouldn’t you turn to a children’s chapter book as an adult?

Reading newly published children’s books opens a window into the world of children today, and gives adult readers an eloquent reminder that even seemingly powerless protagonists can shape their own lives and the lives of others. Many grown-up readers also enjoy revisiting titles they loved as kids or sharing those titles with important children in their life. Children’s books play on the imagination in a unique way, and offer many layers of meaning for each potential reader. Whether old or new, these chapter books, also known as “middle grade” titles, can offer new perspectives, youthful comfort, and some great entertainment.

If you want to explore contemporary children’s literature to spark your imagination or pique your curiosity, there are many books to choose from. Increasing diversity in the stories told and the authors being published means there is a treasure trove of middle grade content. Try one of the following titles.

Recent Children's Chapter Books for Grown-Ups

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Perhaps you need a moment to wallow in nostalgia, or to revisit an old memory. In that case, pick up a book that had meaning for you as a child- a story you read together with a loved one, or a book that impacted you at just the right moment. Or, enjoy a classic from an older time. If you’re looking for nostalgic inspiration, try one of these suggestions from the long-ago 20th century.

Children's Classic Chapter Books to Revisit

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If you’re interested in picking up a children’s chapter book, but none of these suggestions caught your eye, try our May We Suggest service and request specialized recommendations from a CPL librarian.