Thorndyke’s Portal to Oreo Eclipse

Hi Kids,

Thorndyke the Bear here, from the Children’s Library at CPL. I just learned something pretty amazing! There is going to be a solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, and in some places, it will be a total solar eclipse.

What is a total solar eclipse, you ask? It is when the moon completely blocks out the sun’s bright light for a few minutes. This eclipse will follow a varied path, so some crowds will observe a total covering of the sun, and some will observe a partial covering of the sun.

Most people will need special glasses to witness this miracle. Only those who observe the total covering of the sun can look at it directly—looking at a partial covering could hurt your eyes. Michigan will not be in the path where the sun is completely covered, so we need to wear glasses here.

To help celebrate this amazing occurrence, here are some fun activities, crafts, and snacks to undertake. For a delicious Oreo Eclipse snack idea click here.

The next time there will be a total solar eclipse that can be observed from the United States will be August 23, 2044! I will be a Grandpa Bear by then.

Bear Hugs,