Thorndyke’s Portal to Animal Yoga

Hey Kids,

Do you sometimes like to play pretend? Do you like to move and wiggle? What if you could do both at the same time? You can, with yoga

All you need is your body, but sometimes I like a nice mat or towel (so I don’t slip), some blocks or books so I can reach the ground with my paws, and a belt or towel to reach my feet.

I love to take inspiration from some of my animal friends when I do yoga. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Cat/Cow Pose

This one is inspired by two of my friends. Starting on your hands and knees, curl your tailbone up, let your belly breath get big, and look up, so your back makes a little “u” shape. This is kind of like a cow. Then, with a big deep breath out, curl your tailbone down, let your back curl up to the sky, and hang your head. Imagine a scared cat, like at Halloween. You can move through these two shapes while breathing in and out. It makes my back feel so good. 

Downward-facing Dog Pose

You know how puppies like to stretch their paws forward and their butts back? This is just like that. In this pose, you stretch your bottom into the air while keeping your hands and feet on the ground. It’s like an upside-down triangle.

Cobra Pose

Have you ever seen a snake curl up, lifting their head to look at you? In this pose, start on your belly and pretend you’re a snake. Press down with your paws, lift up your chest and look up. Nice job!

Lion’s Breath

Let’s roar like a lion! Sit comfortably and take a big, deep breath in. Then exhale out of your mouth, opening your mouth and saying, “Hahhh!” like a lion or a dragon breathing out flames. 


Savasana might be my favorite; it reminds me of the winter season when I hibernate. In this pose, you lay on the ground, close your eyes, and try to rest. You do this at the end of your yoga practice after moving and grooving.


Butterfly Pose Meditation

Now that we’ve moved and rested, our brains might be ready for a bit of stillness. Sit on a comfortable cushion, close your eyes, and notice how your body feels after all the work you did. Think about how it feels when you breathe in and out; can you feel your belly expand? After a minute or so, you can open your eyes. 

Wow, that was a great yoga practice! How did you do? Next time you’re in the library, I’d love it if you would show me your favorite yoga poses. 

Bear hugs,