Storytime: Octopus

Did you miss storytime? Perhaps it is just one of those days when you need a little boost with your little ones. Fret not. We have gathered some storytime resources for you at home, thanks to librarian Ms. Michelle. Follow our steps below or mix-and-match for the ultimate storytime experience. 

Today's Theme: Octopus

1. Energize with a Song 

Start your storytime by listening to Librarian Lisa sing "The More We Get Together". 

2. Activity: Act Like an Octopus 

Can you try to swim like an octopus? It is so much fun. Move your arms up and down gently, and sway your body back and forth. Now swim around your room and see if you can go fast and slow. Octopuses are also great at hiding. Get together with family or friends and play a game of hide and seek. Try to find hiding spots where you can blend in just the like the octopus, which can camouflage itself when hiding from predators. Happy hiding!

3. Read a Book About Octopuses

Octopuses are the eight-legged wonders of the sea. They are brilliant escape artists and fascinating to read about. Luckily, there are lots of books about the octopus for you to enjoy.  Also, be sure to practice dancing like an octopus (you'll have lots of fun!).

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4. Sing a Goodbye Song 

See you next time! Wrap up your storytime and sing along with our librarians to Skinnamarink.