STEAM: Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun activities that can be done almost anywhere. Our special CPL scavenger hunts can be done at a park, in the woods, or at a playground. Try these hunts in different places for an added challenge to see what you find in various kinds of settings.

Counting Scavenger Hunt 

Count to 10 to find these items. You can photo document your findings with drawings or by using a camera app on a smartphone. 

  1. One butterfly or moth
  2. Two squirrels
  3. Three yellow flowers
  4. Four signs
  5. Five different rocks
  6. Six pinecones
  7. Seven bushes
  8. Eight woodchips 
  9. Nine trees
  10. Ten leaves

Sensory Scavenger Hunt 

Use your senses to complete this hunt. Please remember to be kind to any animals you find and to stay with your grown up. On each line, we challenge you to find an item or something that uses your senses—sight, sound, touch and smell.

Find something: 

  • To climb on
  • Loud
  • A crunchy leaf
  • To crawl under
  • To play catch with 
  • That is heavy
  • That is smooth
  • To jump over
  • That is squishy
  • That is rough and scratchy 
  • To use as a drum 
  • To walk across
  • That is hard
  • That is soft 
  • That smells sweet
  • That fits in your pocket
  • That reminds you of summer 
  • That grows fast
  • That smells bad 
  • That can be molded into a shape 
  • That you can't touch
  • To balance on your hand 
  • To give as a gift
  • That is damp or wet 

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt 

Can you find all of these items outdoors? 

  • Spider web 
  • Ice cream truck 
  • Big stick 
  • Bird with a white tummy 
  • Bird's nest
  • Car with only two doors
  • Dandelion
  • Dead tree
  • Fluffy cloud
  • Footprint
  • Insect
  • Item you can recycle 
  • Mold, moss or lichen 
  • Overgrown grass
  • Puddle 
  • Recycling bin 
  • Seed
  • Something bright
  • Something noisy 
  • Something red
  • Something shiny 
  • Something wet 
  • Something with a "Y" shape 
  • Something with a paw
  • The number "8" 
  • Trail or path 
  • Tree bark 

 Click here for a printable PDF of the scavenger hunts.

Want More?

Create a scavenger hunt for a friend or family member for entertainment on a long summer day. You could even create a scavenger hunt in your own home or a visual search while waiting for dinner at a restaurant. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can do!

Have you ever tried the I Spy series of books at the library? These engaging visual scavenger hunts can keep you busy and entertained on a rainy day. Check out CPL’s online catalog or come into the library, where we can help you check out an I Spy title or other seek-and-find books to challenge your brain.