Staycation, All I’ve Ever Wanted…

Summer is finally here, as well as the thoughts of getting away from it all—school, work, routines, getting dressed. On a well-planned staycation, you, too, could avoid getting dressed and instead get to enjoy the simple things in life. There are some great ways you can get away from the norm, without actually leaving the comfort of your own backyard.

Here are some fun suggestions for your ultimate staycation. 

Enjoy a good book in a comfy lawn chair. Kids, you could read a story to your family or friends while enjoying the outdoors. Just don’t forget the bug spray. Oh, and the sunscreen—there will be no burning on this staycation.

On a delightful staycation, food is definitely in the foreground. Cook over an open fire in a controlled fire pit in your backyard. Use what you have in the house to whip up a new kind of outdoors-y feast that includes fruit, roasted veggies, meat or poultry (if you are into that), and of course, s’mores.

After a day or two of not leaving home, you might decide to venture out. This could include a lovely walk around your neighborhood, a drive to your favorite store or restaurant for takeout, or even a visit to your favorite library (hint: it's us!) to check out some great books about far-flung adventures in places you have not quite made it to yet (thanks, pandemic!). 

Since ultimate staycations can have some small road trips, check out these great options: 

  • Visit your local Metropark or neighborhood park. Here in Canton, we have so many wonderful parks and playgrounds to visit, the hardest part will be picking which one to take your family to on any given day.
  • Take a drive to Lake St. Clair and enjoy some beach time, or for something slightly longer, drive over to Lake Erie or Lake Michigan. Enjoy a peaceful swim, hunt for rocks and other treasures, or have a family picnic in the sand.
  • The Detroit Zoo is always a lovely staycation activity, and with the reopening of the Polk Penguin Conservation Center, it will be especially awesome this summer.
  • Pick a spot in Michigan less than three hours away that you have never been to and head over for a daylong family excursion.

Enjoy your family staycation and be sure to tag us along the way. We love to see what our patrons are up to in and out of the library.