Solar Eclipse Syzygy

Syzygy: the technical term for when three objects in space (like the sun, Earth, and moon) line up. Pronunciation: “si-zuh-jee.”

In April, we will experience a partial solar eclipse. Here are some things you should know. 

Most importantly, never look directly at a partial solar eclipse (or at the sun, in general) at any point during its progress, unless you use approved solar eclipse glasses, an eclipse viewer or other approved devices. The sun's rays will damage or destroy cells in your eyes, and nobody wants that! 

During this event, the moon is closer to the Earth and travels in a narrow path of totality between the sun and the Earth. As a result, if in the path, the moon covers the sun completely.

This astronomical event will take place in Canton on Monday, April 8, 2024 with coverage beginning at 1:58 PM and maximum coverage of the sun taking place at 3:14 PM. The great news for Canton is that we are set to experience 99.46% of coverage for this event, putting us almost completely in the path of totality. That's pretty awesome! Remember... wear protective eye wear if looking at the event. 

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