Recommended Books for Teens

Looking for your next great read? These lists have been curated by CPL librarians and are organized by genre. Click on "View Full List" to see all of the suggested titles in that category. For manga suggestions, check out our lists of recommendations by genre and recommendations by age. For a customized booklist based on your interests, fill out the form below.


Sword and Sorcery for Teens

Fantasy fiction has excited readers and listeners for hundreds of years, beginning with an oral storytelling tradition. Modern fantasy can be divided into many subgenres, each with a unique set of conventions and elements. Sword and Sorcery fantasy usually involves exciting adventures whose heroes wield swords and other weaponry.

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Deadly Courts for Teens

Thrones. Castles. Murder. Deadly Courts fantasy involves political intrigue, complex world-building, and magic, all set in imagined royal courts.

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Urban Fantasy for Teens

Urban Fantasy takes place in realistic urban settings, but includes fantastical characters and magic.

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History With a Twist for Teens

These titles are set in the past, but include magical elements and characters.

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Fairy Tale Retellings for Teens

The following titles are new versions of well-known fairy tales, usually with a fresh twist on the original story.

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Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels for Teens

Graphic novels combine beautiful artwork with great storytelling for a singular reading experience. The subjects of these stories range from superheroes to time travel to friendship and first love.

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Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction for Teens

Historical fiction provides context for important historical events, while also offering a unique and entertaining story. Historical fiction written for teens takes place during a wide range of time periods and covers many different subjects. From Ancient China to California in the 1990s, step back in time with these fantastic historical fiction titles.

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Middle School

Middle School Reads

Ready to head over to the Teen Space for the first time? These books are great transitions for middle schoolers just starting out with YA. You'll find action, adventure, fantasy and more with gentle language and themes.

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Mysteries and Thrillers

Mysteries and Thrillers for Teens

Looking for a spine-tingling whodunit? How about a fast-paced thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat? These titles are chock full of suspense, cliffhangers and a-ha moments.

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New Classics

"New" Classics for Teens

Although the first young adult book was published over 50 years ago, many titles released in the past 20 years have been cemented as must-reads in the canon. Try a "new" classic and see what all the buzz is about.

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Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction for Teens

Contemporary realistic fiction takes place in the present and covers topics that are likely to happen in real life. These novels explore many common issues for modern teenagers and are usually easy to relate to.

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Romance for Teens

Love is hard... but reading about it isn't! The following romantic titles explore the joys and perils of falling in love. These books are sweet, charming and easy to dive into.

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Science Fiction

Science Fiction for Teens

Science fiction books cover a huge variety of topics. Sometimes we get a glimpse far into the future with incredible advances in technology. Sometimes we experience life aboard a space ship. Sometimes we see a dystopian society on the brink of collapse. But all of these books provide us with a thrilling escape from reality, usually at a breakneck pace.

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Sports Books for Teens

Calling all sports fans—these sports-themed titles have the action and excitement of a game, while capturing the emotions of the characters.

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