Road Trip 101

Looking to get away? We can help! Check out these tips and resources for your next trip on the road or abroad. 

Want to keep it in the Mitten?

Like many Michigan libraries, Canton Public Library is uniquely tied to MAP (Michigan Activity Pass), enabling cardholders to receive discounts and freebies while exploring Michigan museums, campgrounds, theme parks, festivals, golf courses and much more.

Explore MAP to find activities near your desired destination.

Traveling abroad? 

If you want to travel to another country, how can you best learn about the customs and people? The businesses and languages?

Global Road Warrior is the world’s best resource for learning all of the above. Owned and operated by World Trade Press right here in Michigan (Traverse City), Global Road Warrior has guides for 174 countries, each comprising over 100 different topics.

In addition to finding history and likely attractions for visitors, learn about the country’s transportation situation and brush up on essentials for your visit. Global Road Warrior can tell you pre-travel essentials like what immunizations you may need and what is required of your passport, but can also prepare you culturally and socially for your visit—everything from dining etiquette to typical business attire can be learned here.

I know where I want to go. What should I pack?

  • Food. Your body is a machine and food is the fuel. What good will everything else on this list be if you’re too hungry to think straight? We recommend some non-perishable snacks like dried fruit and/or nuts to have on hand just in case you are stuck without a Taco Bell within walking distance.
  • Water bottle. If food is the fuel, water is the oil, without which everything stops working. It doesn’t matter if your trip is predominantly on the road or on foot, in a hot climate or cold—you’re going to want to have your own bottle as a backup. We recommend something big that can also maintain your drink’s temperature.
  • Power bank and phone charger. Do we really need to mention that you should bring your phone charger? We like to think mentioning it will somehow get that one person who was going to forget to throw it in their bag to have an “aha!” moment and grab it. But all the same, a power bank is a great emergency tool to charge a phone when there is no outlet nearby.
  • Belt bag. Belt bags achieve three key things: you have your essentials, you have them away from prying eyes and twitchy fingers, and you are forced to really think about what those essentials are because of the limited space. A belt bag is perfect for keeping your phone, cash, passport and a key close by.
  • Journal. Because life is not about stuff, it’s about the experience. Record, in your own beautifully unique handwriting, your experiences. Detail the sights and sounds and how they make you feel. Your future, 30+ years older, self will thank you for it.
  • Hand sanitizer. To make eating worry-free. And why eating? See above.
  • Travel book. We have a well-curated travel section. To supplement your pre-travel research and any information you might pull up on your phone along the way, see one of our librarians to find a travel book to ease your mind.

How can I entertain myself on the trip while simultaneously nurturing my intellect?

Canton Public Library has thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks for your convenience. Even more exciting, these can be read/listened to on your mobile device with the hoopla and Libby apps. You can access titles individually through a search on the CPL website or log into either app to browse.

Endless books and movies are at your fingertips, so just because you're traveling, it doesn’t mean you can’t take us with you!