Online Home Improvement Resources from CPL

Thinking of doing some DIY home improvements, but aren’t sure where to start? Let’s take a look at the information and inspiration you can access online through CPL and elsewhere to help you plan and organize a successful project.

Home Improvement Source

We have an extensive set of articles, organized by topic, available through the Home Improvement Source database from Explora on the Research & Learn page of our website. Select the Hobbies & DIY link under Subjects, and then the Home Improvement Source link on the subsequent page.

You can search using the search bar, but that is likely to turn up some unrelated things as it will be searching all of the Explora databases. It’s likely faster and easier to click around in the topics lower on the page, each of which will lead to more specific topic links, and ultimately to articles and e-books about the type of project you selected.


You can also access hundreds of e-books about home improvement topics through CPL using the hoopla and Libby apps on your mobile device, or their respective websites on any device with a web browser. You can also browse and search for the e-books available on these apps in our catalog. Either way, you’ll need your Canton Public Library card number and PIN (default: your 8-digit date of birth in the format MMDDYYYY) to sign in and link your account. Make sure you select the MetroNet Library Consortium.

Here are few examples of e-books available on home improvement topics:

Beyond the Library

For your convenience, we’re including some links to online guides and resources provided by hardware stores and other businesses you may need to visit in and around Canton while working on common home improvement projects.

  • Canton Lowe’s DIY Projects & Ideas page has videos, instruction sheets, calculators, and buying guides.
  • Visit Canton Home Depot's website and click on the DIY dropdown near the upper right corner. This can also be found on the page for the South Canton Home Depot.
  • The “Know How in No Time” section of the Great Lakes Ace website has tips and guides for gardening, lawn care, indoor and outdoor repair, general seasonal home care, and even recipes and craft project ideas. This tip page is the same for all their locations. None are in Canton, but they have one in Westland and another in Plymouth.
  • The Repair Clinic Part Finder can help you find and purchase replacement parts for home appliances and lawn equipment. Or, if you prefer, you can have them fix it for you.
  • The Tile Shop can’t provide much online help, but they do carry everything you’ll need for any DIY project involving ceramic tile, stone, or vinyl.
  • The Sherman Williams website has color finding and project planning tools for any DIY home painting projects.