New York Times Games Module

You may already use your CPL card to read the New York Times and other newspapers online, but now you can enjoy the lighter aspects of the morning paper with NYT Games. Use our link to log into an account, then enjoy the daily full-sized and mini crosswords, Sudoku, Tiles and more from your computer or device. Complete a daily challenge or access over 20 years of NYT Crosswords with your browser or the Crossword app for iOS and Android.

To access the New York Times newspaper or games online:

  1. Sign into your Library account with your library card number and PIN.
  2. Use the link provided by the Canton Public Library to access News or Games, respectively, and click “Redeem”.
  3. Create a New York Times account*; if you already have one, click “Sign in” or sign into the NYT Crosswords app with your information.
  4. Enjoy 24 hours of access. To continue after 24 hours is up, click on the link above in step 2 and sign in again with your account (we recommend bookmarking this page). 

*Review the NYT Privacy Policy here.

Sharing login info with unauthorized users is a violation of our terms and agreement with newspapers, and could result in cancellation of services.