National Women’s History Month

During National Women's History Month, we celebrate the amazing contributions of women who work tirelessly to make the world a better place. 2022's theme focused on healthcare workers; 80% of whom are women. Around the clock, dedicated caregivers and frontline health workers do their best to provide healing and promote hope to their patients.

Do you know someone who works in a hospital, or do you visit a grandparent in an assisted living home? Healthcare workers help those who are in need of medical care or require extra assistance in looking after themselves. Caregiving is not an easy job, and many women who are essential health workers in our community continue to provide valuable services. They are our superheroes.

What can you do to thank a caregiver or a frontline health worker? Here are some suggestions for showing gratitude to those valuable people in our neighborhood:

  • Make a paper chain of kindness
  • Decorate a thank you coloring page
  • Gift cookies in a jar
National Women's History Month

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