Manga Recommendations by Genre

With the popularity of manga rising, it can be hard to know where to start or what to pick up next. These lists are organized by genre; however, all readers are at different reading levels, have different interests and different content tolerances. Not all titles will appeal to, or be appropriate for, all readers. For additional recommendations, ask at the Teen Desk, or fill out a May We Suggest form.

Action Manga

Looking for some high action manga? Check out this list for the most action packed manga on our shelves.

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Drama Manga

Lights, drama, and romance (well, most of the time). Check out this list of the best drama manga we have to offer. These selections do include some level of romance, with the exception of Made in Abyss.

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Funny Manga

If you're looking for something more lighthearted, or even heartwarming, these recommendations are for you. With a mix of subtle, dark, and slapstick humor, anyone can find just the right match in this list of funny manga.

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Historical Fiction Manga

These manga selections take place in the past, whether it be in an alternate universe or a new way to tell an old story. If you like historical fiction books, try out a manga that breathes new life into old settings you've come to know and love, or introduces you to enchanting historical stories you've never heard.

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Horror Manga

This manga list is for the creepy, the bloody and the scary. While some of these selections may look cute, don't let them deceive you. What they hide within is horror of many different types.

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Music Manga

These manga selections are all about music. Whether its joining a band, starting a band or going solo, these manga explore all aspects of the music journey.

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Mystery Manga

Can you solve the mystery before our main characters do? These manga selections are filled with cases of everyday mysteries to deep, complex puzzles. Can you catch the twist before it comes?

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Romance Manga

These manga selections will make your heart skip a beat. We've got every flavor of romance you could ask for.

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While all these manga selections take place at school, no two schools are the same. Whether its romance, supernatural, or a slice of life, all of these reads are fun in their own ways.

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Sci-Fi Manga

These manga selections are out of this world, and sometimes in a completely different one. Usually involving futuristic tech, these manga push your imagination to the limits and explore what life may be out there... or right along with us.

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Slice-of-Life Manga

The slice-of-life genre is synonymous with manga. These manga selections are about everyday life and everyday things. They may have unusual twists, but typically stick to the mundane tasks and events of life as we know it.

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Sports Manga

These manga selections are all about climbing the ranks in different sports and the friends (or enemies) we make along the way. Check out our top tier collection of manga about soccer, boxing, volleyball, tennis, ice skating, ballroom dance, running and ōendan (Japanese cheerleading). Haikyu!! was so influential in Japan it is credited for boosting the popularity of volleyball so much that it saved the dying sport.

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Supernatural Manga

Are you looking for something spooky and full of ghosts? What about super powers and demon slaying? These manga selections have it all from ghosts to gods, ghouls to demons. Some may even leave you wondering who the real monsters are.

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