If You Love Baby-Sitters Club…

The Baby-Sitters Club series was first published in 1986. This highly popular series created by Ann M. Martin ended with 213 books published over 14 years. This might have been the end of the pop culture phenomenon, but 20 years after the series was first published Raina Telgemeier illustrated the beginning of a new graphic novel series, and for the 25th anniversary of Kristy’s Great Idea, a new prequel was published. The graphic novels continue to grow in popularity, and in 2020 Netflix launched The Baby-Sitters Club streaming series.

If you liked the Baby-Sitters Club chapter books, you might be interested in other middle-grade titles that tackle babysitting, friendship, and other big issues facing kids today. The Baby-Sitters Club is no stranger to challenges, but their strong bond and willingness to do hard things sees them through. Try one of these titles:

Kristy's Great Idea

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Maybe you’re more of a graphic novel fan, but still love the Baby-Sitters Club. For more graphic novels that feature relatable troubles and characters, try one of these titles: 

The Baby-Sitter's Club

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If you just can't get enough of the Baby-Sitters Club and Ann M. Martin, take a look at these materials: 

If You Want to Wallow in Baby-Sitters Club Nostalgia

Explore the original series that captured your imagination and explore new and related content.

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