Fifth Grade: Recommended Titles

The following fiction and nonfiction titles may be enjoyed by fifth graders. Please remember, readers have different interests and read at different levels so not all of these titles will appeal to, or be appropriate for, every fifth grader. 

General Fiction

These fiction titles are appropriate for fifth grade readers. This list incorporates classics and new classics from a variety of genres with something for every reader. Feel free to ask a librarian for a custom curated list that meets your interests and reading level ability.

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These popular fifth grade nonfiction titles cover a wide variety of topics and subjects. If you don't see one here that speaks to your interests, please ask a librarian to recommend some titles that meet your reading level.

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Spooky and Scary Stories

Ready to hide under the covers to avoid the spooky noises outside your window? Here's a collection of spine-tingling stories. Books are suggested for fifth grade, but remember that each reader is different and might find something interesting at another level. Ask a librarian for help in finding the creepiest book that is just right for you.

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Go Back in Time With Historical Fiction

Interested in reading a story that transports you to a different time period? Try checking out one of these historic tales. For additional recommendations, ask at the Children's Desk.

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For more specific recommendations, we encourage you to chat with the librarian at the Children's Desk about your child's reading interests or fill out a May We Suggest form below.