How to Make Mom Friends

So, you have the parenting thing going and you feel like you're missing something. Is it friends? We have some tips to help you find the parent tribe that will make you feel less like you are back in school with your lunch trying to decide where to sit and more like the amazing mom you are. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and know that there are other moms out there feeling the exact same way as you. 

1. Hang out at the library.

Did you know that the library is a hot spot for budding mom friendships? The library has a lot of programs for your kids and places to hang out and meet like-minded moms.

  • Here is a list of our storytime offerings which range in days and times for children aged 0-5 years old.
  • Here is a list of our programs for kids. Do you see something your kids would enjoy?
  • Need a break from the kids and want to do something only for adults? Check out these adult programs.

If none of these work for you, fear not! There are always parents hanging around in the library, so come on in and meet someone. 

2. Look for local playgroups or classes.

3. Join a social media group and look for kindred spirits.

  • Canton Mom2Mom on Facebook is a great place to start meeting other parents. 

4. Ask about a mom group at your place of worship. 

Many places of worship have groups for moms to socialize and share tips with other moms who practice their faith. Ask around and see what piques your interest. 

  • Take a look at these MOPS chapters in or near Canton.

5. Check out what Canton Township is offering.

The Summit on the Park hosts events for residents and non-residents alike listed here on their website, and Canton Township's Parks and Recreation department has listings here. 

6. Scour local playgrounds and fun spots.

7. Stroll the neighborhood.

Walk around your neighborhood and see who is outside. Chances are, if a neighbor has kids that are a similar age to yours, you might see some toys around. 

8. Set up a lemonade stand or yard sale if your kids are old enough to help.

Setting up a stand for your kids to sell Kool-Aid, lemonade, or their handicrafts is a great way to meet new people and teach your child important lessons about math and the value of money. Set up a yard sale to declutter your home before the fall season and see who you meet. 

9. Check out fitness groups in the area. 

10. Attend birthday parties hosted by different friend groups.

Look for opportunities to attend birthdays or graduation parties in your family or in different friend groups to meet other moms. Or, invite people from work to bring their friends to your party and you might be able to extend your own circle while your kids make new pals too.