Get Ready for Exams

Exams are on the horizon, but there's no need to fret. With the right studying and day-of preparation, your finals will be smooth sailing. Remember that good studying starts in the classroom. Taking thorough notes during class will help tremendously in the long run. Make sure to follow up with a classmate or your teacher if you missed something in a lecture. When you're ready to start prepping, use our tips to set you up for success.

  • Set up your space. It may be tempting to meet up with friends or watch TV while you study, but a clean and quiet spot at home is the best environment for test prep. 
  • Plan ahead. Think about which exams you have and how much time you might need to study for each one. A subject you feel confident in might only need an hour of review, while a weaker subject might take you a few days to prepare for. Schedule your study time based on these observations. Planning in advance will help you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Stay organizedWrite important test dates on a calendar. Keep notes and handouts for the same subject together. Color code or use another organizational system that works for you. It's easy to feel stressed by the work ahead of you, but proper organization will help keep you keep a cool head. 
  • Don't just memorizeRepeating facts and dates may seem like the best way to ace your tests, but a better method is to make the information more meaningful. Try discussing what you're studying with a friend or family member and answer questions they may have. You could also make a recording of your notes and listen to them throughout the week. Try a few methods and see what works best for you. 
  • Take breaks. You can only study for so long before your brain starts feeling mushy. Take 5-10 minutes to stretch, have a healthy snack, or step outside for some fresh air. 

Now that you are fully prepped, it's time to take your tests. Exam day will be stressful, so plan in advance and follow these tips. 

  • Get a good night's sleep. Eight to ten hours of sleep the night before tests will help your recall and improve test scores.
  • Eat a peppermint. Studies show that it can help with tasks requiring intense focus, so stash a few in your bag before test day. 
  • Read through the whole exam. This will help you determine which sections might take longer and allow you to immediately ask clarifying questions.
  • Feeling anxious? It's okay to give yourself a few moments to relax during your exam. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths to get back on track.
  • Go with your gut. When all else fails, stick with the first answer that comes to you. There's most likely a reason why that option jumped out. 

Once you finish finals, it's time to celebrate. What will you do to reward yourself for your hard work?