First Grade: Recommended Titles

The following titles may be enjoyed by first graders. All readers are at different levels and have different interests, so not all titles will appeal to, or be appropriate for, all readers. 

First Grade: Fiction

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First Grade: Nonfiction

Nonfiction topics for first graders can be found throughout the Children's Library nonfiction collection. Click the titles for exact location and availability.

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First Grade: Spooky and Scary

Ready for goosebumps and crazy creatures? Here's a collection of spooky stories featuring unexpected creatures and adventures. Books are suggested for first grade readers and listeners, but remember that each child is different and might find something interesting at another level.

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It's Time for a Pizza Party

Whether thick, thin, Detroit-style, Chicago-style, New York-style, gluten-free, ethnic fusion or dessert, there's pizza for everyone. Our librarians have collected a platter of delicious books for you to sink your teeth into as you wait for your next slice.

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Community Helpers

The world is filled with helpers. Helpers love to do things for other people. There are so many ways to be a helper in your own community. Enjoy this list of community helpers as you explore how you can impact your community.

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Quite the Character: Inanimate Objects

Do you love a funny hot dog? How about a feisty doughnut? Maybe rock, paper, and scissors warriors are more your thing. Or a grumpy truck? Check out these books featuring inanimate objects come to life.

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For additional recommendations ask at the Children's Desk or fill out a May We Suggest form.