104 Things to Do Over Summer Break

Looking for things to do over the summer? Just as Phineas and Ferb spent their summer creating crazy inventions to make the long months interesting, here are 104 things to keep you busy. 

1. Bake zucchini bread

2. Learn to draw

3. Read a new book

4. Have a bonfire with friends (s'mores included)

5. Go roller skating in Canton or Livonia

6. Go bowling

7. Go on a bike ride with friends

8. Start a garden or get a houseplant

9. Celebrate things you forgot to celebrate like birthdays and anniversaries on Forgot Day (July 2)

10. Shop at a local thrift store and use our tips for the ultimate thrifting experience 

11. Take a hike and enjoy the outdoors

12. Start a journal 

13. Spend the day at Belle Isle in Detroit

14. Visit the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA); admission is free for Wayne County residents

15. Walk along the Detroit Riverfront

16. Visit the Henry Ford Museum or Greenfield Village

17. Play funky games at Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum

18. Go to a Tigers game

19. Tour Ford Field

20. Go to the beach

21. Plan a fishing trip

22. Try a zipline or high ropes course 

23. Have a tie dye day and give new life to your t-shirts, socks and more

24. Go to a local bookstore

25. Customize your shoes at home

26. Watch the sunset

27. Go for a walk around your neighborhood

28. Have a camp out with friends or family

29. See a movie at the drive-in

30. Walk through downtown Plymouth 

31. Visit Mackinac Island

32. Try a new restaurant in Ann Arbor 

33. Spend the day at a nearby lake

34. Go swimming

35. Treat yourself to a spa day at home

36. Take a stroll or relax at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens 

37. Volunteer for a local organization

38. Get a summer job

39. Have a staycation

40. Challenge your skills at an escape room

41. Play mini-golf or laser tag 

42. Get creative and paint a unique piece of pottery

43. Get nostalgic with a Harry Potter movie marathon

44. Visit the zoo (don't forget the penguins!)

45. Find a new hobby 

46. Make a new friend

47. Check out an aquarium

48. Play the daily Wordle

49. Ride the best roller coasters in the world at Cedar Point

50. Visit the River Raisin National Battlefield Park

51. Ride coasters and visit the waterpark at Michigan's Adventure

52. Go canoeing or tubing

53. Experience a summer camp

54. Jump at Sky Zone

55. Pack a picnic and visit a park with friends

56. Go jet skiing 

57. Visit a splash pad

58. Get a workout in at the Summit

59. Go to a parade

60. Stargaze and try to identify constellations 

61. Visit a planetarium

62. Play a game of tennis

63. Visit a National Park

64. Be a scientist at the Hands-On Museum

65. Visit the Heidelberg Project in Detroit

66. Go to a butterfly garden

67. Have fun at a concert

68. Go to a petting zoo 

69. Try yoga at home or at a studio

70. Learn how to play the guitar

71. Get ice cream at a local shop

72. Write a story or poem

73. Go shopping at a local business

74. Write a letter to a friend or relative, near or far

75. See an air show

76. Get a library card

77. Wash your car 

78. Do something nice for someone in your neighborhood

79. Sing karaoke with friends

80. Clean your bedroom

81. Make a movie, from writing the script to filming and editing

82. Have a game night with your family

83. Learn to play euchre   

84. Send a "thank you" card

85. Make a lemonade stand   

86. Try meditation classes in person or practice at home

87. Visit a city virtually

88. Have a pillow fight

89. Learn to drive   

90. Go bird watching

91. Have a sleepover and movie night with friends 

92. Pick strawberries at a nearby farm

93. Visit Heritage Park

94. Attend Liberty Fest from June 16-18, 2022

95. Visit the Canton Farmers Market

96. Make edible cookie dough

97. Go to a coffee shop with your friends or by yourself 

98. Start geocaching

99. Watch a TED Talk

100. Make friendship bracelets with your pals

101. Make a collage using old magazines or catalogs

102. Create a playlist for a friend and send it to them

103. Learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube

104. Start learning a new language with Mango

This blog post was compiled by members of the Canton Public Library's Teen Leadership Council.