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Game On

I beat the game "Super Mario Bros. U" for the WiiU

Big bro read Curious George Home Run to me

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Curious George Home Run by Zappy and Saric
"It told how to play baseball, actually coach pitch. I would encourage other people to read it to their brother or sister." Cam 5yr old boy

I played a game of monopoly.

Game On/Green Thumb Flower Tournament: Week 2

As part of Connect Your Summer, the Game On and Green Thumb badges have teamed up to do a flower tournament! Only one flower can be crowned the best flower of summer, and it's up to you to decide.

Each week during Connect Your Summer, two flowers will duke it out for your votes. The flower with the most votes will continue on in the tournament. Last week, dandelions couldn't tough it out against violets. This week, roses and carnations go leaf to leaf!

Sign in to vote for your favorite flower:

75% (6 votes)
25% (2 votes)
Total votes: 8

I played Basketball

I played with my friends

I biked a few miles with my friends at 10 P.M.

I played a game with my brother.

I played Battleship with my brother.

I played Battleship game.

It was super fun. I was having fun. I was doing pretty good. And I won that game.

Afternoon reading time

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Who's on First by Abbott and Costello

We biked for an hour

My sister and l played a game together.

My sister and l played a airplane game. lt was fun and l won both times.

I fly kite in my backyard. It's so fun.

I played lego pyramid with my brother. I won two times. It's very fun game.

I played puzzles with my mom.

Did a morning run with a buddy for an hour

l played a LEGO Harry Potter game with my sister. l won the 1st round and lost the 2nd round.

I play SCRABBLE with my brother. I am the winner.

Played board games with family

Once a month we gather at my mother's condo and have a family game night.  Last night we played a new game "Spot it" and an old favorite "Balderdash".
Family game night always leave me smiling.