Book Gifts for Grads

With graduation around the corner, you may be considering what to gift the high school or college graduate in your life. Outside of the traditional gifts of money, technology and household items, it can be difficult to find something that is useful, meaningful and has lasting value. Books (and book-related gifts) are just the thing to fill that gap. Here are some ideas to help you find that perfect gift.

Gift Cards to Bookstores 

Whether they need college textbooks or leisurely reading to help them unwind, gifts cards to a favorite bookstore are always a good way to support your grad.

Monthly Book Subscription Box 

College grads often feel burned out from reading academic textbooks, so a good way to get them back into reading for fun is a book subscription box. They can explore a variety of materials without having to put too much thought into what to read.

New Book Bag 

After years of use through high school, college, or both, their book bag is likely worn out and needs a refresh. Books for school, work or fun all need a way to be carried around in style. Consider a new tote, messenger bag or backpack for your grad.


Whether they are a college student lugging around a bag full of textbooks, or a post-grad bustling between their new job and new home, an e-reader is a great gift. They’ll be able to carry their favorite books wherever they go without being bogged down.

Library Card

Instead of spending money on a ton of new books or audiobook subscriptions, consider taking your grad to sign up for a library card. In addition to physical books, they can get digital books and audiobooks—even textbooks.

A Book of “Letters to Open When” or “Letters to You”

You can create a book or parcel of letters, or purchase a premade book with prompts. Regardless of format, these are a great way to maintain your bond by providing support, guidance and smiles whenever they may need it. 

Specific Books about Living on Your Own

Budgets, roommates, housekeeping and feeling homesick are all things grads experience at one time or another, so gifting books about living on your own can give your grad an excellent arsenal of materials to reference when they need that little bit of extra support as a new adult. Take a look at some of our recommendations below.