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Game On

played go-fish with grandmas

Played in a softball game

I scored two runs and got a person out. We then won 26 to 19.

I went to the park with my friend

Read Calico Joe

A very quick read about a game that I love - wasn't a chore to read this one. A great summer read

I played "Wall Ball" with my brother.

I won every time except for the last round.

I played elimination "Wall Ball" with my brother.

I got my brother out cuz I was so close to picking it up, I picked it up and I touched the wall with it to get him out because it was out of bounds.

Read Red Zone

We play video games

DS games, ipad games, computer games, and Xbox 360 Kinect Games

We play basketball

We play soccer

We play chess together

I played Settlers of Cataan board game with my family.

Played chess with my family

Played soccer with friends.

i played bloakus and whonew

pladed my friend in a pokemonbattle

Went to my first travel soccer try-outs and did good!

This year was my first year to tryout for the travel soccer team. There were around 60 boys my age and I worked really hard and had fun.

i went to open chess

I won 114 points in scrabble.

It was fun. I got to learn new words and used them in the game to get the 114 points. Also, my word "triple" got 27 points, which was the highest word of the day.

i got 114 points