Yoga Awareness Month

Yoga is a mindful movement practice originating from India. It has complex, long-lasting roots; some estimates place it at over 5,000 years old. Like Tai chi and Qigong, these movements unite movement, breath and mindfulness into a unique, rewarding practice that you can do with a group, a teacher, or in the comfort of your own home.

These resources will allow you to experience the variety of benefits yoga has to offer, which include increased flexibility, stress reduction, strength gains and more.

Books About the Physical Practice

If you’re in the library and want to browse yoga books, your spot will be at 613.704 in the adult nonfiction section. Here are a few of our recent favorites.

Yoga Myths

Yoga After 50

Yoga Where You Are

Yoga Fitness for Men

Curvy Yoga

Books About the Philosophy and Spiritual Practices

Did you know that yoga includes eight limbs, which consist of philosophy, spiritual practices, and the poses, or asana, that most are familiar with? If you’d like to read books about yoga philosophy, you can check the areas 181.45, opens a new window and 204.3, opens a new window, both in the adult nonfiction section. 181.45 covers much of the philosophy and more secular side of yoga, while 204.3 engages more in the spiritual and religious side.


The Yamas & Niyamas

1001 Pearls of Yoga Wisdom

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Wisdom of Yoga


You Are More Than You Think You Are

Inner Engineering

Essential Kundlini Yoga

Yoga Beyond the Mat

Yoga Journal Magazine

Not to be forgotten, the library also has two subscriptions to Yoga Journal, one of the most popular magazines about yoga. One subscription is digital and can be accessed via Overdrive’s Libby app and read on your phone, tablet or computer. The other subscription is paper, available in the library.

Yoga Journal has articles that cover all aspects of yoga: physical, philosophical and spiritual.

Yoga Journal

Getting Started with Yoga Videos

For most people, the workout aspect of yoga is a great starting place and doesn’t require you to be flexible before you begin. There are excellent options for all bodies, including those of us who would like to do yoga in a chair.

You can start yoga in various ways, whether that’s with pose dictionaries and descriptions, like this detailed guide from the New York Times. (Note: You can get full access to the New York Times with your library card.)

For others, following along with a video workout is a wonderful way to practice yoga.

If you’re in the library and would like a yoga workout DVD, you’ll want to be in the same area as the books about yoga—613.704. The library has nearly 100 DVDs about yoga. Here are just a few of what is available.

Body Positive Easy Yoga

Easy Yoga for Everything

Quick Wisdom With Bliss

Yoga Gets Better With Age

Via hoopla and Kanopy, the library provides even more yoga workout videos—nearly 300—which you can stream directly from your phone, tablet or computer, or cast to a device. These videos can be found in the library catalog, opens a new window or directly on the hoopla app or website, opens a new window, or the Kanopy app or website, opens a new window.

Gentle Seated Chair Yoga For Beginners With Sarah Starr

Glute & Thigh Burn

Practice 4: Relaxing Yoga for Self-Care

Shanti Generation Teen Yoga for Students And Mindfulness Educators

Yoga for Children

Yoga isn’t just for adults; the mindfulness and body movement elements can help children learn to regulate their emotions and calm their anxiety, as well as build body awareness, concentration and memory.

Yoga for You

Yoga With your Child

Peppa Loves Yoga

Dinos Don't Do Yoga

I Am Yoga

Unicorn Yoga

Yoga for Kids