What to Do on a Rainy Day?

When the weather is rainy, cold, and damp, you’ll probably find yourself staying indoors where it’s warm and dry, but bad weather doesn’t have to stop the fun. Read on for some ideas to stay entertained at home on a drizzly day.

  • Make a blanket fort. Grab some spare blankets, drape them over a couple of kitchen chairs, and then cozy up inside with some soft pillows, a flashlight, and a good book. Or, pretend you’re camping in a tent deep in the wilderness.
  • Do a craft project. A very simple, fun nature craft almost anyone can do is a pinecone bird feeder. Find instructions here.
  • Ask an adult to help you bake something. Cookies, brownies, homemade bread, and pies are all fun culinary projects to tackle as a family.
  • Have a paper airplane throwing contest. Learn how to fold different types of paper airplanes and see which ones go the farthest distance, which ones fly the fastest, and which ones take a nosedive. 

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